Tecnoengineering Srl is a company located in North-East Italy, in Susegana in the province of Treviso.
Founded in 2007 from the long and productive collaboration between two companies with a great deal of experience in the field of coverings for industrial, agricultural, military and civilian use, the firm today has two production plants with a workforce of fifty employees.

Tecnoengineering srl specialises in the design, production and sale of:

  • Canvas and steel sheds
  • Mobile roofing tunnels for sheltering fodder, animals, shelter farm machinery, etc.
  • Sun and wind protection awnings for stables or barns
  • Structural canopies
  • Fluid Ball Containers for liquid manure
  • Speed doors for packing
  • Speed doors for winding
  • Car park covers
  • Gazebo
  • Custom tarpaulins
  • Food product tarpaulins for agricultural trailers

Tecnoengineering Srl has managed to acquire a significant market share in just a few years, with its own direct sales force. This result was achieved through a careful marketing policy and thanks to the construction and consolidation of reliable business relationships. The Tecnoengineering brand is a guarantee of quality and innovation. The company’s mission is to anticipate, identify, study and understand the needs of customers and stay always one step ahead.

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